OJT/Internship Opening: SMITS, Inc. – Human Resources/Computer Science/Information Systems/Engineering (Posted 31 January 2012)

SMITS, Inc., a leading Information Technology company, is looking to hire students for on-the-job training in the following groups:

  1. Human Resources Management Group:
    -Course: BS Psychology or BSBA – HR
    -Skills: Adobe, Excel
    -Role: Help recruitment team in day-to-day operations such as interviewing, reporting and analytics
    -Slots: 2

  2. Business Innovations Group (BIG)
    -Course: BS Computer Science / BS Information Systems / BS Industrial Engineering
    -Skills: Adobe, Excel, Bizagee, Visio
    -Role: Help BIG team through technical documentation such as system analysis, flowcharting, narrative and quantitative reporting
    -Slots: 1

The positions have been filled.

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